Online Dental Maketing Solution

Ready for an Online Dental Marketing Solution?

When looking for ways to grow your dental practice, there are several paths you can follow. There are traditional methods such as billboards, yellow pages, flyers and postcards. Unfortunantly these methods are very expensive, sometimes require a lot of work and the ROI (Return on Investment) is hard to track. For most dentist, internet advertising is a big unknown. "The internet is so vast and complex, how can we possibly reach out to potential clients in my area?", a client of ours once said. He is right. Advertising on the internet, if not done properly can be an incredible waste of time and money. That is where we come in. Through a series of partnerships, we are now able to simplify dental practice marketing on the internet.

How it works?

MediaMed’s Dental Marketing Solution generates new patients for your practice ONLY in your desired field of service. Our solution runs automatic online marketing campaigns for your specific promotions. Patients will contact you directly who are interested in your special promotions. We promote your treatments and practice on the leading search engines and local websites such as: Google, Facebook, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronical and more.

We lead patients to a customized website designed specifically for you (regardless of your existing website). Our automated technology anticipates what searchers are looking for and encourages them to contact you.

We track and record the calls and emails which will allow you to:

  • Know exactly the nature of the calls you have received to better improve your campaign (Invisalign Vs. Bridges)
  • Calculate the bottom-line ROI (Return On Investment) of your ongoing campaigns
  • Improve your customer service phone handling
  • Call back capability and follow up on patients as well as missed call opportunities

How to get started?

You don't need to install any software to use MediaMed's Dental Marketing system, you just receive calls and enjoy your new patients. The service is available only to a limited number of dentists in each area or within a zip code.

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We will check if our solution is available in your area and price analysis for your office or join us for our next online presentation.